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I arise late this morning from a vaguely pleasant dream about Jason Giambi... maybe brought on by seeing his home run during yesterday's game against Cleveland. Of course most people won't remember his homer, instead remembering A-Rod's record tenth homer in fourteen games, a three-run walk-off that completed a huge comeback win. They'd started the ninth inning down 2-6, and won 8-6, thanks partly to that shot. But I digress.

I arise late this morning from a vaguely pleasant dream about Jason Giambi, and roll over, only to bump into Gary, who has spent the night after movies and take-out Thai ("a take-away curry," he calls it). We've been getting together once every few evenings since we met a couple of weeks ago, and it's been fun. He also seems to want to move kind of slowly, which is sweet, but I doubt he was very comfortable sleeping in his clothing. He's just too tall to wear anything I own, though, so until he's ready to bed down in his skivvies (or less), he's stuck.

We make out for a few minutes, but soon enough it's time for him to head off to work. We make vague plans to get together Sunday, then he's gone again. I crawl back into bed for a little while, amazed at how sunny it seems to be outside compared to the last week or so, and I spend a minute noticing that the pillow where Gary slept smells a little like... honey, I think. I finally drag myself to the kitchen to make coffee, and then sit down with my laptop to check e-mail and see what's going on in the world.

There's this website called Technorati, which basically acts as a clearinghouse for blogs. It's a handy little site, at least for bloggers to get a sense of how popular they are, or how many other blogs link to them. I don't sweat it too much, because I don't make my living from blogging; but it's educational, and occasionally I wish more people would link to my blog from theirs, so that I could watch my numbers go from 33,000th most popular blog out of 75 million to, say, 20,000th. But I'm superstitious about stuff like that, so I don't try too hard - in the grand scheme of things, it's mostly just a tool and a source of amusement. I just check it every few days to see if there are any new links to me from interesting places.

There is one, it turns out. It's a post called "The pox is on both houses, not just one up north," from a blog called The Soxaholix. But it's not just a blog post, it's a cartoon - about the supposed debate over which team has the more boorish fans, the Yankees or the Red Sox. And after a few minutes of glancing around the page looking for a traditional text link, I finally discover that the cartoon's dialogue links to my post from last August about some fans who harrassed Jessica and me as an example of Yankees fans being "classy."

So, first thing's first: Welcome to any Soxaholix fans who might have landed on this blog because of that link. Make yourselves at home. Yankees Rule.

But I want to make something clear. While that day last summer was by far the worst experience I've ever had at Yankee Stadium, it didn't diminish my love for the Yankees, or for fellow genuine Yankees fans, even one iota. And I don't think it was representative of what generally goes on at Yankee Stadium, either. People get into the game, they have fun, they get drunk, they get a little obnoxious - but as Bob Ryan suggested, Boston fans should remove the planks in their own eyes before trying to remove the motes of dust from the eyes of Yankees fans. Deep down at heart, we're all just baseball fans - we love our teams, we live and die with their wins and losses, and sometimes we just get a little too excited.

That having been said, tonight is the beginning of the Yankees' three-game series at Boston, and then Boston will visit New York in turn for three more games the following weekend. I'll be there for the Sunday afternoon game, too - so for visiting Red Sox fans, if you manage to track me down, feel free to introduce yourselves.

Just be careful how you eat your hotdogs.

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