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Wednesday Morning, 3am

It's awfully quiet. I'm honestly not sure if Gary has taken a breath in the last couple of minutes, and for a moment I wonder if he's even still awake. I start tracing circles on his stomach with my finger and wait for him to say something.

"How many people read this thing?"

"Somewhere around three thousand."

"Get off the grass!"


"Get off - you mean a few thousand people know you and I are dating?"

"Well, most of them have no idea who you are. In fact most of them have no idea who I am."

"Well, good on ya - I mean, Bria told me you write a blog about tending bar, but I didn't know it was about your love life, too. Won't she and Henry both know when you and I first..."


"Ah, is 'bonk' a bad word over here?"

I snicker quietly. "What are the alternatives?"

"Uh, there's 'root'... 'pomp'... or, ah, maybe 'give the ferret a run'?"

I snort and then giggle, briefly wondering if Jill is in the next room, or if she's over at Vince's place. I settle down, take a deep breath, and get serious for a minute.

"Well, there are two answers to that question. The first is that I don't have to share everything. My readers love to hear details, but if you and I are going to keep dating, I don't want to reveal anything that'll make you uncomfortable. I'm happy to go by your wishes. I can share everything, or I can paint with broad strokes, or I can just withhold completely. It's still my life, not theirs, and they'll have to live with it."

"All right, I think I'm okay with broad strokes. I wouldn't want to piss off your adoring fans too much." He rolls toward me, and we kiss. "What's the other?"

"The other what?"

"You said there are two answers."

"Oh! Right. Well, you said 'when,' not 'if.'"


"Wouldn't Bria and Henry know when we first, not if we first, you know... bonk. And I just wondered what made you so sure."

"Oh! I, uh - well, it was rhetorical, I didn't..." I shut him up with a kiss, and then I roll over on top of him. And then we spend the rest of the night painting each other with broad strokes.

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