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Warren Piece (Part III)

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Corona Barmaid
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Warren Piece (Part III)

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I keep getting asked via e-mail and IM whether I'm going to tell Warren about my blog, so even though I answered that in the comments section of "Shoot Straight, You Bastards," I'll make it its own post:

I told Warren about the blog on our second date, when I met him for lunch near his office. Then I asked how he would feel about it if I kept blogging about him if we kept dating. It went more or less like this:

"Do you use my real name?"


"My kids' real names, my ex-wife's name, where they live, anything like that?"


"Have you said anything about me that isn't true?"


"Are you going to say anything about me that isn't true?"


"Do any friends of yours read this blog, or anybody else who works at the Bar?"


"Would you tell them everything that you're going to write in the blog if the blog didn't exist?"


Then he thought for a minute, and smiled.

"If you mention my incredible washboard abs every now and then, you can write whatever else you want."

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