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If You Can't Do the Time

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Corona Barmaid
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If You Can't Do the Time

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When the Yankees have a weekday afternoon game, the YES Network will generally rebroadcast the game at 7pm. A fair number of people come to the Bar to watch those games at 7pm wanting the results to be a surprise. So the Bar has a very simple rule on those days:

If you spoil the game for anyone in the Bar before the 7pm rebroadcast is over, you buy a round of beer for everyone in the Bar wearing any kind of Yankees paraphernalia.

Needless to say, a lot of people come to the Bar wearing Yankees gear - including me and my ballcap. This is true whether the game is live or not - hell, it's true whether there's a game on or not. That's just because, well, a lot of people in this town are Yankees fans. That includes me, and I often wear my Yankees cap to tend bar because it's a good excuse to have my hair in a ponytail and because I'll often get better tips from fellow fans that way.

Now, I'll grant you, the spoiler rule is an unwritten rule. But that's mostly because we don't have to invoke it very often. In my three years at the Bar I remember it happening only four times, and once we let it go because the guy had never been there before and, quite honestly, seemed a little terrified we were going to force him to buy a few hundred dollars worth of drinks. :-)

But now you can make that five times. Mario is a pretty regular face at the Bar, and he's not exactly known for his verbal restraint in the first place. But it's still a bit of a shock when he walks in at about 8:30, apparently already having had a few, and shouts so loud that people probably hear him in bars in Atlanta: "Holy shit, did you see A-Rod's goddamn walkoff homer in the twelfth?!" On the TV, at this moment, the Yankees are losing 1-0. The assembled fans are not amused.

Nor is Mario, after we remind him of the spoiler rule. He's pretty pissed, actually, until I take him aside and quietly explain that he doesn't have to buy individual pints for everybody, pitchers are fine. On the other hand, it still works out to fifteen pitchers. Good thing Mario's having a good year. :-) I don't tell him this, but next time he's in, his first drink or two will be on the house. He's a good sport and a good customer.

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