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The Barmaid Blog™: Life for a 30-something Manhattan Barmaid

Here's the Thing

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Here's the Thing

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Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

A few days before Thanksgiving, Todd gave his notice to Lanie and Victor. He announced that he was moving to Oregon, where he's going to work for a friend of his who owns a winery in the Willamette Valley.

The next day, Lanie offered me a job as The Bar's junior manager. I asked for some time to think about it. Although it's a step up in the world, the pay isn't that much better, there are more serious responsibilities, and I wouldn't really be doing the part of the job I love the most, which is interacting with customers for hours at a time.

The day after that, Jenny's law firm laid her off.

I accepted the job. I'm now a manager instead of a barmaid, or even a senior barmaid. Pat is still above me in the pecking order of managers, so I've suddenly gone back to having lower priority for picking my work days and hours. Luckily, that doesn't matter much since Jenny doesn't have to keep regular work hours for the moment, but it will matter when she gets back on her feet. She was upset for a while, but now she's starting to look at it more as an opportunity for her, and a loss for her firm. Her pet phrase these days is "Fuck 'em." Unfortunately there's not much out there right now - law firms are hemorrhaging associates, the entertainment business is slowing down, and we're just not sure what she's going to be able to find in her field.

So my life has changed over the last few weeks even more than I thought it would. Jenny got a decent severance package, but I'm the only one bringing in an actual income right now, and there's still a mortgage to pay. So just for the holiday season, I signed up with a catering company that does a ton of events all over New York City, especially this time of year, and I've been tending bar at their parties when I have time between manager shifts at The Bar. I've worked the last fifteen days in a row without a break. It's left me very little time or energy for blogging, or much else for that matter. In fact I'm heading out to tend bar for a corporate holiday party in just a few minutes, which is why I don't have time to tell you much more than I already have.

But I miss you, and I miss this. And I really don't want to have to give it up.

Jenny and I wish you all a Happy Hannukah, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and whatever other name you call this (usually) joyous time of year. Be good to each other.

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